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Payment and delivery

Payment Rules and Payment Security

Credit/debit card payment

We accept VISA and MasterCard payments

The payment service via the Internet is carried out in accordance with the Rules of the international payment systems Visa, MasterCard Payment System on the principles of confidentiality and security of payment, for which the most modern methods of verification, encryption and data transfer through closed communication channels are used. Bank card data are entered on the secure payment page.

On the page for entering bank card data, you will need to enter bank card detailes: card number, card holder name, card expiration date, three-digit security code (CVV2 for VISA, CVC2 for MasterCard). All necessary data is printed on the card itself. A three-digit security code is the three digits on the back of the card.

Then you will be redirected to the page of your bank to enter the security code that will come to you in SMS. If you haven’t received a security code, you should contact the bank that issued the card to you.

  • a bank card is not intended for making payments via the Internet, which you can find out by contacting your Bank;
  • there are not enough funds to pay on a bank card. You can find out more about the availability of funds on a bank card by contacting the bank that issued the bank card;
  • bank card information was entered incorrectly;
  • the bank card has expired. The validity period of the card is usually indicated on the front side of the card (this is the month and year until which the card is valid). You can find out more about the validity period of a card by contacting the bank that issued the bank card;

Bank transfer

To get an invoice for payment you need to go through the order process and select “Bank transfer” or send a request to our specialist by e-mail info@caterwil.in. An invoice for payment will be sent to your e-mail.

For individuals, you can pay the bill at the office of any bank or through your online banking (if applicable).

Payment of the invoice from companies is also accepted by bank transfer.

For payment and other issues related to the operation of the website, you can contact by email: info@caterwil.in

Confidentiality of information

The personal information you provide (name, address, phone, e-mail, bank card number) is confidential and not subject to disclosure. Your credit card details are transmitted only in encrypted form and are not stored on our Web server.

Return Policy

When paying with cards, cash refunds are not allowed. The refund on the same card only can be done. The return procedure is governed by the rules of international payment systems.

The procedure for returning goods when paying with bank cards:

  • The consumer has the right to refuse the goods at any time before its transfer, and after the transfer of the goods – within seven days;
  • Return of good quality goods is possible if its marketable condition, consumer properties, as well as a document confirming the fact and conditions of purchase of the specified goods are preserved;
  • The consumer is not entitled to refuse the goods of good quality, having individually defined properties, if the specified goods can be used exclusively by the person who purchases it;
  • If the consumer refuses the goods, the seller must return to him the amount paid by the consumer under the contract, with the exception of the seller’s expenses for the delivery of the goods including delivery of the returned goods from the consumer, no later than ten days from the date the consumer submits the corresponding requirement;

To return money to a bank card, you need to send a “Money Refund Application” along with a copy of your passport to info@caterwil.in

The refund will be made to the bank card within 21 (twenty one) business days from the date of receipt of the “Application for the return of funds” by the Company.

To return funds for operations with errors, it is necessary to apply with a written application and attach a copy of the passport and receipts confirming the erroneous payment. This statement must be sent to info@caterwil.in. The refund amount will be equal to the amount of the purchase. The term for consideration of the Application and the refund starts to be calculated from the moment the Company receives the Application and is calculated in business days excluding holidays / weekends.


The goods are delivered by transport company to the buyer’s address. Delivery time takes about 7-14 days in all the states of India.

Also pick up of goods is possible from Antop Hill, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400037, India

If you need a delivery outside of India please go to global Caterwil website

The required delivery method is selected at checkout

Shipment terms

Some products are available on store and can be shipped the next business day after payment.

Available on order products need up to 80 business days after payment, depending on the type of product and configuration. Production time for individually manufactured products may vary.

Shipping time is about 7-14 business days.

Please check the availability of the product with the manager info@caterwil.in