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Opens pre-order on Caterwil GTS2

Congratulations! Now you can become a CaterWil user!

We are ready to consider your personality and your wishes. Available for order 3 color options: white, blue and red.

Production time 2 months. Quality and overcoming stairs is guaranteed!

Caterwil_GTS2_oder Caterwil_GTS2_oder_2


  • Width 65 cm
  • Length ( with pegs ) 100-130 cm
  • Max step height 20 cm
  • Max stairs angle 40 deg
  • Max speed on wheels 7 km/h
  • Max speed on tracks of 0.7 km/h
  • Weight (with batteries) 90 kg
  • Max passenger weight 120 kg
  • Distance 17km on a single charge