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Caterwil has started its own production

Caterwil has started its own production

Those who regularly follow our news already know that Caterwil, headed by I. Nevzorov, is building a new production facility. Now the head of Caterwil proudly declares that the new facilities are already in full swing to produce the best wheelchairs in the world. Of course, there are still some minor defects, for example, the facade of the building is not completely tiled, but as a result, the production is already functioning.

Large-scale production is organized on 2,000 square meters. 32 employees with different qualifications are engaged in the production of wheelchairs. Currently, the company’s product range includes the following types of rehabilitation equipment for people with disabilities:

stair climbing wheelchairs;

compact wheelchairs;

luxury models;

football wheelchairs;

caterpillar stairlifts.

The Caterwil catalog contains a total of 11 models of rehabilitation equipment that vary in functionality and price. The wheelchairs are not cheap, which is justified by their unique design, but the opportunities to become a Caterwil owner are increasing. These include government compensation, participation in competitions, and collections from people who care.

The powerful production base includes everything for serial production. All-terrain wheelchairs are produced in the following workshops:






electronics and software assembly;


The company is proud of its own electronics, something that many large Russian companies cannot boast of, as they buy them from foreign suppliers.

Special attention is paid to the testing of wheelchairs. Before it goes on sale, each model is tested for its ability to withstand maximum weight and repeatedly perform descents and ascents on stairs. It is hard to believe that Caterwil’s production started with handicraft work in a garage. Thanks to the dedication of the manager, who gave up a high-paying job for the sake of his business and devoted himself wholeheartedly to the realization of his idea, people with disabilities can make their lives more comfortable, interesting, and successful. The Caterwil all-terrain wheelchair is popular in our country and abroad, as evidenced by the feedback from satisfied owners.