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The Other Day Our Client from India Has Received His New Katyusha Caterwil ULTRA 4WD

The new Caterwil ULTRA 4WD has recently been sent to India. It is not the first delivery abroad and in particular to this country. Observing how the development of Russian engineers serves as a faithful assistant to people on different continents warms the heart and soul. The number of happy people on the planet is growing, and the demand for all-terrain wheelchairs is increasing. The company now has opportunities to implement new ideas for the good of people with disabilities. 

The accessible environment in India is on the same level as in our country, so Caterwil stair climbers there are as essential as in Russia. There are a lot of disabled people in India, however, most of them are not able to purchase. Thankfully, in Russia people can receive compensations for purchasing rehabilitation equipment. India cannot boast about it.

We were heartily welcomed in this hot country; the trip was interesting and we have video materials. Our client do not hide how happy he is about having purchased new equipment as he has already have one Caterwill model, which means he has firsthand knowledge about wonderful functions of an all-terrain wheelchair. He is easily moving along the sidewalk as he has an experience to manipulate an all-terrain wheelchair.

The wheelchair was delivered to India safe and sound, despite a large distance. We do not skimp on packaging because we delivery a truly valuable thing. Its value is expressed by the benefits it is capable of providing to a person with disabilities. 

With a help of a Caterwil all-terrain wheelchair it is possible to move not only on wheelchair accessible routes but also off-road. It means that it is easy to organize a picnic near the river, go to the horse racing venue or travel on forest paths. 

Caterwil will become a reliable assistant in everyday life. It is easy to turn and manipulate in a small flat, staircases and narrow corridors. With its help your leisure activity will be more varied. You won’t have to give up visiting your friends and if they live on higher floors, you can go to the cinemas ans shopping malls.

While our hero is travelling along the city streets, you can appreciate all the advantages of a Caterwill all-terrain wheelchair and make an order. To purchase a wheelchair one may use a government program and open funding. Another opportunity is taking part in contests, which are regularly held by the company. Try to make your life better. You will definitely manage!