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Caterwil All-Terrain Wheelchairs are already in India

It is worth reminding that Ivan Nevzorov, the head of the Caterwil company, is now actively marketing all-terrain wheelchairs overseas. The contracts have been signed with dealers in many different countries to sell Russian products to foreigners. However, the list of countries where disabled people can by a Caterwil wheelchair is not yet long. That is why in 2022 Ivan Nevzorov arranged a number of trips to those countries where official delivery was not available. 

It is worth mentioning that the “farther” of Russian innovative wheelchairs has been recently to Columbia, where he tested his brainchild in local hotels. As a result, clients to purchase all-terrain wheelchairs were found there. The evidence to this fact you can find in video materials on our website.

The next Nevzorov’s aim was a trip to India. He wanted to find out how disabled people live there, what conditions the government had created to make their lives easier, to what extend infrastructures for healthy people are accessible to those with disabilities. And of course, it was important to demonstrate to local people what Russian wheelchairs are capable of. 

Since India is considered a country with a low ability to pay, you will be surprised to know that customers to buy Russian brand products were still found there. Although it is not that astonishing, if to take into account that analogues from foreign manufacturers are substantially more expensive than our wheelchairs. Besides, they can be only nominally called “analogues”, as they do not possess Caterwil functional capabilities. 

According to the reviews of Russian users, they value an all-terrain wheelchair primarily for its ability to be used outside in winter, which is lavish in snowfalls in Russia. Indian citizens do not have such a problem, that is why in a customer from this country in his video review emphasizes the capability of a Caterwil wheelchair to negotiate numerous steps in shopping centres, subways and stairs in blocks of flats. 

The Russian wheelchair stair climber is easy to manipulate in restricted space that is extremely important due to the fact that average Indian citizens, as well as the most Russian citizens, do not have spacious accommodation.  We are glad that people from all over the world are becoming our clients, and we will be delighted to make every person that need such equipment happy.