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ATTENTION! Caterwil GTS3 released!

The new model CaterWil GTS3 is the third generation stair climbing wheelchairs-transformers CaterWil.

The model is developed in collaboration with engineers of the largest manufacturer in instrumentation industry Shvabe holding. Production of the new model is established by LLC “Caterwil”.

The third generation of the device has more functional, comfort and safety features:

  1. Smart Control System – a system of motorized rotation of the front wheels. The technology provides perfect flexibility and excellent responsiveness of the joystick.
  2. Increased battery capacity to 37 Ah, which increases the cruising range up to 25 km.
  3. Width of the tracks is increased to 60 mm, which provides more stability and safety on stairs.
  4. Diameter of the front wheels is increased from 150 to 200 mm
  5. Added ability to program responsiveness of the joystick. Programming is performed by pressing a combination of buttons on the remote controller.
  6. Comfortable accessories. Seat, armrests, footrests and headrest are more comfortable, functional and have more adjustments.

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