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Caterwil on international championship Cybathlon 2016

The world’s first Cybathlon Championship 2016 was held on October 8 in Zurich. It has already been loudly called the first Olympic cyborg games.
Caterwil team participated in the nomination “Powered wheelchair Race”.

The track in the nomination “Powered wheelchair” consisted of 6 tests. Tasks are arranged in increasing order of difficulty.


Drive to the table so that half of the thigh comes under the table. The test shows how the stroller is applicable in everyday life.


The task “Slalom”. This exercise partially reveals the maneuverability of devices.


Climb the steep ramp (20 degrees), open the door, drive through the doorway, close the door, go down the ramp. A very good test that wheelchairs face daily.


The “Rough Terrain” obstacle is a section with logs spread out at different angles. The task is interesting for engineers, technically difficult, but not so important in everyday life.


Obstacle “Inclined surface”. This is the fifth task, for which they gave a lot of points, but in fact it is one of the simplest. I think an ordinary electric stroller can easily cope with such a task. But in everyday life, such an obstacle is also not often encountered.


In the task “Stairs” you need to call 3 steps up and go down 3 steps down. Stairs are the biggest problem in an accessible environment for wheelchair users. This issue is still relevant around the world and will be relevant for many, many years, since it is technically impossible to install elevators and ramps everywhere. This exercise is also the most interesting from an engineering point of view. To pass this obstacle, the stroller should be not just an all-terrain vehicle, but a real robot with a number of sensors and mechanisms that allow you to shift the center of gravity, climb up and safely descend.


The pilot of the team Yuri Larin passed all the obstacles “excellent”, scored the maximum number of points, but lost in speed. According to the results of races from 12 teams from around the world CaterWil took 6th place.


Place Country Team Photo Points Time, sec
1 Switzerland HSR Enhanced 660 214
2 Hong Kong HKUSTwheels 660 219
3 Slovenia Avalanche 660 267
4 Japan RT-Movers 660 312
5 Hong Kong B-Free in City 660 358
6 Russia Caterwil 660 399
7 USA HERL 530 181
8 Great Britan Team Imperial 530 266
9 Korea Enable 426 94
10 Greece Laddroller 426 246
11 Great Britan Team Imperial 307 102
12 Switzerland Scewo 0 0

The sponsors for the Caterwil team’s participation in Cybathlon 2016 were the Opportunity Technology program and the Schwabe Defense and Protection factory