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How to choose a power stairs climbing wheelchair that is perfect for you?

When it comes to choosing a power (or electric) wheelchair, it’s very important to choose the right device that will meet all your needs. We have compared four popular models to help you choose the one that can provide you the best experience.

Scewo Bro

Scewo is a beautiful example of modern and ergonomic design. Its main advantage is speed and compact size. It can not only climb stairs but also to elevate a user about one meter high. The chair can be controlled from a smart panel or from a mobile device and have a built-in rucksack for personal belongings, which makes it a great friend in the city environment.

Scewo Bro

TopChair S2

TopChair is a more advanced city wheelchair – it has great back support, a lot of tilt options and self-leveling seat. The front independent shock absorbers that help to neutralize the road bumps and the remote infrared sensors are providing the information for automatic step detection and wheel retraction system to easier navigation. It has an impressive motor that allows the customer to be able to wander for 35-40 km (distance depends on the weather, road quality and the weight of owner).

TopChair S2

B-Free Ranger and Flash

B-free Ranger is the one with the biggest size in our rate. Its main specialty is rough terrains and stair climbing. The chair uses the innovative “hook and step“ technology, which provides a more secure and stable stair climbing. This way it can climb to very different types of stairs with different sizes and inclines up to 35 degrees. Also, they provide a smaller version called Flash, which has a smaller size and is suitable mainly for the wheelchair-friendly environment. Both models have the option to be manually moved with the help of an attendant.

B-free Ranger


The Caterwil’s strongest feature is a safety. It has four caterpillars that ensure 100% safe climbing even on high steps. The climb stairs option shows impressive results not only on the high inclines (up to 40 degrees), but also in the different weather conditions. Designed for use in the conditions that may not be wheelchair-friendly, it provides the best experience for people who need to use the wheelchair in the narrow spaces on the constant base. In the default built the size needs to be manually adjusted, but there’s an option to add the power seat which allows the user to adjust it independently. If needed, it can be easily upgraded to be used in the attendant mode. The Caterwil chair is suitable for all types of people who can operate the chair with a hand.

Compare yourself!

Parameters Caterwil Scewo BroTop-CHair S2 B-Free Ranger

Basic Characteristics
Мaximum user weight120kg 120kg110kg100kg
Max. speed
8 km/h10 km/h 9 km/h 6 km/h
Max distance25 km / 40 km25 km35 km25km
Max ramp incline
15° 13°
Max incline for stair40°20°-36°33°35°
Max step height200mm200mm 200mm 200mm
Full width65cm68,5cm69cm72,5cm
Shoulders supportOptionalNoNoNo
Knee supportYesOptionalNoNo
ControllerLED simple Caterwil controller or LCD advanced Caterwil controllerThe smartphone and joystick
or the integrated touch-interface

LCD screen and joystick on pantograph

R-net Controller

Navigation in the city
Rear-view windowOptionalRear-view camera available Optional
Option to integrate camera for the back view

Special Conditions
Weather conditionsCan be used from -20° to 40°Not recommended to use when it’s rainingCan’t be used on slippery or frozen staircasesNot recommended to use when it’s raining
Attendant modeAttendant joystick option availableYes, but limitedNoNo
Place for belongingsPocket on the back. Folding-back table can be addedBuilt-in backpackPocket on the backPocket on the back
DesignThere are 3 colors available for order: ultramarine (blue), scarlet (red) and silver (gray)On Request
Colors Ice white or Spicy OrangeBlack
Producing CountryRussiaSwitzerlandFranceHong Kong
Available for purchase
YesPre order available only in Switzerland, Germany or AustriaOnly from local DistributorsYes
ConclusionPerfect solution for the city driving. The best stability and safety on stairs and wheelsPerfect solution for young people. Ideal maneuverability on wheelsPerfect wheel mode. Complicated stairs climbing processGood choice for stairs climbing. High vibration on wheel mode
Price9 500 – 19 000 Euro ~33 500 Euro (excl. VAT) ~16 550 Euro~25 000 Euro