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Dmitry: Caterwil GTS 4WD review

Dmitry lives in Smolensk and already has a previous version of the Caterwil stair-climbing wheelchair, so receiving the new version GTS 4WD was highly anticipated. And the new “Katusha” (Cathie) – that’s how he calls his new wheelchair, – has fully met all his expectations.  

According to Dmitry, the four-wheel drive version has a great power capacity – a real beast! The wheelchair handles its tasks equally well, both indoors and outdoors. The 4WD in the name means that device runs on all four wheels, so now all obstacles can be overcome quickly and comfortably for the user. Dmitriy gave the wheelchair crash-test and found out that with a little speeding up it can pass obstacles with a height up to 12 cm. Such obstacles make an extra effort, so the most comfortable obstacle height for the wheelchair is 8-10 cm.

Compared to previous versions, the GTS 4WD intuitively stabilizes when climbing stairs and smoothly moves up and down. The most pleasant feature of the new version is the fifth wheel. In the 5th-wheel mode, the front drive wheels are lifted up, so you can move around the apartment more comfortably, without touching the carpets with large wheels. Control in this mode is very responsive, the wheelchair responds almost immediately to the movements of the remote control and moves smoothly, without jerking. At the same time on the street, the fifth wheel maintains excellent speed, especially on a level road. On a paving stone or road bumps it may shake a little, but the response from the device will not change.

Dmitry thanks everyone who helped raising the money to purchase a new Caterwil GTS 4WD wheelchair, his wife Natalia and especially thanks the general designer of the wheelchair, Ivan Nevzorov, and the staff of the Caterwil factory.