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Meet new Caterwil model in GTS-Serie — GTS5!

Wheelchair GTS5 red

Caterwil recently added a new all-terrain device for people with disabilities — Caterwil GTS5. This improved model includes all the useful features, that help individuals living with a disability to have everyday city life with no limits.

Caterwil GTS5 special features

The new version of the stair-climbing power wheelchair differs from previous models not only visually, but functionally as well. Here are some features, that makes the riding experience with GTS5 so unique:
Optimal weight distribution. The chair placement has been moved backwards and downwards to establish a safer position in the stair-climbing mode, especially on the steep stairs. This construction also makes the wheels easier to control.
Fold-down armrests. This way user can easily move in and out of the wheelchair.
Footrests with knee support. Due to the additional side support for the knee, a long stay in the wheelchair feels more comfortable.
Tracks support system. The Caterwil GTS5 is equipped with a special device that prevents the tracks from sliding off in extreme conditions.

Solid chain. Made of reliable materials, it can withstand heavy loads and deformation.
Sealed power unit. The electrical system is reliably protected from moisture, rain and snow by a waterproof case.
Electromagnetic brakes. If the wheelchair is de-energized, it can always be switched to manual mode.
Like other models, the Caterwil GTS5 is both track and wheel driven. This way the owner of the device can easily overcome obstacles on the way and be independent in urban and off-road environments.