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High mobility wheelchair Caterwil Ultra 4

(3 customer reviews)

Price: 390,000

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Unique feature

The Caterwil Ultra 4 comes with a remote control with LCD display


The Caterwil Ultra wheelchair version 4 differs from the Ultra 5 in that there is no electrical adjustment of the backrest and footrest angle. However, it is possible to adjust these parameters mechanically. To adjust the angle of the backrest, there is a knob on the left or right side that can be pulled to set the desired angle up to the lying position. To adjust the angle of the footrests, there is a handy thumbwheel on each footrest.

The Caterwil Ultra also has a number of mechanical adjustments:

  • Armrest height
  • Headrest height and reach (adjustable in three joints)
  • Footrest length
  • Remote control reach and tilt angle
  • Seat length (by moving the backrest)
  • Backrest height
  • Position of the anti-tips
  • Shock absorber stiffness


Safety Belts

As an option, the Caterwil Ultra can be equipped with a 2-point or 4-point safety belt.


The seat of the stair-climbing wheelchair can be folded down. To do this, pull up on the lever to adjust the angle of the backrest. The height of the wheelchair with the backrest folded down is 75 cm. This makes it possible to transport the Caterwil in crossover vehicles. The Caterwil Ultra wheelchair can also be used in special carriages on trains.

To move the wheelchair using the attendant’s handles, you must put the Caterwil Ultra in neutral. This is done by pulling and turning the coupling in the middle of each of the two drive wheels.


63 cm
Length without footrests
79 cm
Length with footrests
105-130 см
depending on the reach of the footrests
Height from floor to seat
53 cm
Total height when folded
75 cm
Seat width
45 cm (adjustable 28-43 cm with pelvic supports))
Seat depth
38, 43, 52 cm (adjustable)
Seat back height
53-63 cm (adjustable)
Armrest height
16-29 cm (adjustable)
Wheelchair weight (with batteries)
65 kg
Carrying capacity
125 kg
Drive wheels
355 мм х 2 шт
355 mm х 2 pcs
Pneumatic, vibration damping, black
Front wheels
260 mm х 2 pcs
Pneumatic, vibration damping, black
Maximum speed
10 km/h
Motor power
450 W x 2
Range on a single charge
30 km (70 km with a High Capacity Battery)
Operating temperature
from -15 to +40 degrees Celsius
Battery capacity
42 A*h
Lithium battery
Charging rate
8 А
Front and rear lights
Backrest tilt adjustment
Yes – mechanical
Footrest tilt adjustment
Yes – mechanical
Seat shock absorbers
Yes – 2 pcs
Independent suspension
On the drive wheels

3 reviews for High mobility wheelchair Caterwil Ultra 4

  1. Vasily

    Am I correct in assuming that there are two 42 Ah batteries, or only one?

  2. Abdurashid

    Can I order delivery to Kyrgyzstan? What is the payment method? How long will delivery take?

  3. Aleksandr

    The wheelchair looks great, but why did you make the thumbwheels lower than the battery box? The first bump and the thumbwheels are bent or even broken. They could have been placed on the tube rib.
    I am the lucky owner of a Caterwil GTS 4WD.

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