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Инвалидная коляска Caterwil GTS3

Stair-Climbing Wheelchair – Caterwil GTS3

(12 customer reviews)

Price: 595,000

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    The stair-climbing electric wheelchair, the Caterwil GTS3, turns dreams into reality; with this unique device, you can explore the world like never before and bring a new taste to your everyday routines! The GTS3 wheelchair can help you climb stairs, overcome obstacles, and travel in any direction by using the one joystick on the side of the wheelchair.

    The GTS3 is aa third-generation model of the stair-climbing electric wheelchair. It was designed together with engineers from the largest instrument-making holding company in Russian Federation, Schwabe. The production of the GTS3 is located at Caterwil LLC.

    The Caterwil GTS3 is an electrically powered wheelchair with wheel and track platforms. The wheel system is used for navigating the roads with smooth surfaces, while the tracks mode is perfect for climbing stairs and overcoming obstacles on the road. These parameters allow the wheelchair to have high mobility, ride smoothly, and save energy. Another advantage of the device is its compact size – the GTS3 doesn’t exceed the size of a regular electric wheelchair!

    Another advantage of this model is its ability to climb stairs up to 20-cm high on a 40-degree incline. The switch between tracks and wheels can be done easily, by clicking the switch button on the remote control just once!

    The GTS3 wheelchair aims to be not only technologically advanced, but safe and comfortable as well. In the wheel mode, the device can be reclined back and forth from the remote controller to find the best seated position for a user. In the tracks mode, it activates the gyroscopic system, which helps automatically adjust the chair position to prevent potentially harmful situations and seating arrangements.

    The GTS3 wheelchair can be ordered in one of three colours – ultramarine (blue), scarlet (red), and silver (grey)


    Parameter Unit Value
    Width cm 65
    Length (including footrests) cm 102-140 (depends on the position of the footrests)
    Height (in folded position) cm 79
    Seat width cm 45
    Seat depth cm 45
    Height of the backrest cm 53
    Height of the armrests cm 16-29 (adjustable)
    Length of the footrests cm 40-55 (adjustable)
    Weight (with batteries) kg 115
    Max. load capacity kg 100
    Front wheels (solid) mm 200
    Rear wheels (solid) mm 330
    Max speed on wheels km/h 7
    Max speed on tracks km/h 0.7
    Distance range km 18
    Max stairs angle deg 40
    Max step height mm 200
    Noise level dBA ≤65
    Battery capacity Ah 33 (sealed maintenance-free battery)
    Motor operating voltage  V 24
    Charger input voltage 220
    Charging current A 5
    Lightning options Not available



    12 reviews for Stair-Climbing Wheelchair – Caterwil GTS3

    1. Chetan Patel

      Very nice…. is it possible in india ?

    2. Suporn adersjö

      Price and information of product in Swedish
      How long time sen to sweden

    3. Kathleen.Helen

      Those who avoid reality will be less ideal in the future

    4. Joaquin Monterroso

      Where is your location?… do you have some information in spanish?

      • CatAdmin

        La producción está en Rusia. Los distribuidores están en todo el mundo, también hacemos envíos a todo el mundo.
        Puede enviar su solicitud en español a nuestro correo info@caterwil.in.
        Le enviaremos la información necesaria en español.

    5. wai

      In USA charger input votage is 110.Does it come with an adpter?

      • CatAdmin

        Hello! It goes with a charger adapted to 120V to USA and Canada

    6. wai

      If ship it to united state How long does it take? thanks

      • CatAdmin

        It’s about 4 weeks to US

    7. Vilasrao Deshmukh

      Inform more details and avialablity in India price in Indian rupees ;-) :x :twisted: :smile: :shock: :sad: ;-) :| :cool:

    8. Michael Oberst

      Advantages: indeed very functional device! Narrow stairs in my building it runs smoothly. Takes very high single edges. I’ve tried running the caterpillars on the reverse gear on a very steep hill of 40-45 degrees in the park – without any problems. Suits perfectly for the city jungle. The standard battery is enough to go downstairs from the 4th floor, walk around and get back. People on the streets are usually very impressed when I climb the store staircase or go somewhere, where are the wheelchairs are not expected. With the headlights it looks even cooler, hehe
      — Can be folded only vertically, the width stays the same. So it can be transferred in a SUV or a van. Good thing it can run there on its own
      — Better avoid running on the sand. Firstly, she scoops up this sand, then crunches it until it’s cleaned. Secondly, the sand sticks to the tracks, it can cause slipping on the stairs.
      — The horn is quiet, it’s useless outside, passers-by can’t hear it.
      So, if you live in the city, it’s best choice. Take the version with the headlights and pneumatic wheels. When I was ordering, the lithium battery wasn’t an option yet, I’d prefer that one, it would be lighter and have more running time. If you need some kind of all-terrain vehicle for the crossroads, it’s probably best to take used Meyra Optimus for that money. I’m very happy with Caterwil.

    9. Gennadiy Musokhranov

      wheelchair rocks 166 number is amazing when your two years at home. i have it for two seasons now no regrets. must have but consult with support it’s important whats your wieght any leg injuries. its all about center of gravity. if too much wieght on the back tracks start to slipping. Overall great device god bless all the engineers

    10. Max Arkusha

      FInally checked muself: you can travel by train with GTS3

    11. Alexander Shevchenko

      On the wheels working superb, when switching to wheels can give you a hard time. COuldn’t figure out how to ride over the obstacles

    12. Igor Surkin

      I’ve been using my Catie for the whole day – in the flat and on the street. If you’re fully charged, you have 2,5 journey ahead – I got down from the second floor, then down by the ramp (on the way back ramp + up in the elevator) and then the trip on all the road bumps, you can even cross the street on the tracks (it’ll take more time to change the mode). So it’s like two red indicators are stil left. I’m good with that, even though you still can run with that. THis applies to Delta batteries. Keep in mind, that it affects the battery the most, when you use the tracks and the run the wheels on the max speed. With a Caterwil wheelchair my everyday routines completely changed, I can travel wherever I want, no trouble with leavinghome. At home it’s compact and outside is suitable for driving – no need to change the device throughout the day. Left the house, get your stuff done, return any time.

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