360 Коляска для инвалидов ступенькоход вездеход Lux красная Коляска для инвалидов ступенькоход вездеход Lux серая Коляска для инвалидов ступенькоход вездеход Lux синяя Коляска для инвалидов ступенькоход вездеход Lux Электроколяска для инвалидов ступенькоход GTS 4WD Lux Электроколяска для инвалидов ступенькоход вездеход GTS 4WD Lux
Дорогая электроколяска для инвалидов

Stair-Climbing All-Terrain Wheelchair – Caterwil GTS 4WD Lux

(3 customer reviews)

Price: 1,280,000

All-Wheel drive stairs climbing wheelchair with caterpillars Caterwil GTS 4WD – buy
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    Caterwil GTS 4WD Lux special features

    The new Caterwil GTS 4WD Lux combines together the maximum level of functionality and comfort: it’s made to adjust to all the special needs, at the same time providing superb cross-country performance and maneuverability on different terrains in your local area.
    The main feature is its stair-climbing ability. The Caterwil is capable of overcoming stairs up to 20 cm high and up to 40 degrees of inclination! It doesn’t matter if the steps are steep, uneven or damaged – this electric wheelchair still be able to overcome them easily. This way you can enter any place that has stairways without additional help.
    The 4WD function is all about manoeuvrability, it ensures safety when passing over curbs, mud, snow and other obstacles on your way. All-wheel drive increases your confidence on the road and gives the opportunity to overcome what is impossible with a regular wheelchair.
    The Caterwil 4WD Lux can easily turn on the spot, which makes it easier for you to turn in small rooms or on the stair landings.
    Last but not least, the Lux seat adds the highest level of comfort and convenience to this model. The footrests and a perforated orthopedic seat cushion, which can be adjusted electrically, makes moving around in this Caterwil wheelchair as comfortable as possible. Special side supports help to achieve a suitable seating position for people who need to have their upper-body fixed.


    What can be regulated?

    • Seat cushion length. This option will be appreciated by tall people. Often the cushion does not reach knee level and the legs sort of dangle. This is not only uncomfortable, but also very unhealthy for the body. With this adjustment, you can lengthen the cushion, making it easier to travel, especially over long distances.
    • Backrest tilt angle. This model allows you to adjust seat to backrest angle for any inclination. If you unfold it completely and make a couple more adjustments, the wheelchair turns into a bed.
    • Upper-backrest tilt angle. This feature is especially important for people with cervical spine injuries. This way you can adjust the upper part of the backrest to the anatomical requirements of your body.
    • Support in the middle of the back by extension and height (Lumbar support). This is a very important option, because in everyday movement there is a lot of stress and tension in the back muscles, so the special curve in the back of the seat will help to relieve this tension and make your ride more comfortable.
    • The height of the headrest. Changing the height of the headrest allows you to adjust the wheelchair to your height and move comfortably over different distances.
    • Tilt angle of each footrest. The footrests are electrically adjusted and allow you to control the position of both legs. Each footrest can be managed separately.
    • Seat warmer. The Lux features dual-zone seat heating: in the seat cushion and in the backrest. This way you can bravely storm the city and countryside in the cold season.

    All seat and footrest functions of the GTS 4WD Lux are operated via the controller. All adjustments can be made either by pressing the Up and Down buttons on the remote control or with the joystick.
    The GTS 4WD is by default equipped with a remote control with LCD display.


    Brake system and Power failure

    To help users to stop immediately, whether it happened on purpose or in case of power loss, the GTS 4WD Lux includes electro-magnetic brakes. When powered off, the wheelchair can be switched to manual mode, special handles are provided by the construction design.

    Safety belts

    Additionally, the GTS wheelchair can be equipped with 2 or 4-point seat belts.


    The footrest and headrest can be easily detached for transportation. The wheelchair can be transferred in two positions:
    With minimum length. It can be achieved by switching into the wheel-mode, with the backrest adjusted for sitting position. The height without headrest is 116 cm, the length without footrest is 92 cm.
    With minimum height. In the track mode, the seat backrest can be reclined flat. The height is 85 cm, the length without footrests is 120 cm.
    The total width of the wheelchair is 65 cm, so with the Caterwil GTS 4WD Lux wheelchair you can easily travel on trains.
    The engines of the GTS 4WD can be turned off by turning the switches under the seat by 90 degrees. After switching them, the wheelchair can be used in the companion mode, so it can be rolled as a regular wheelchair, using the handles.


    Length (including footrests)cm 123-140 (depends on the position of the footrests)
    Length (without footrests)cm92
    Height in transportation modecm116
    Seat widthcm53
    Seat depthcm46-51
    Height of the backrestcm65
    Height of the armrestscm16-29 (adjustable)
    Weight (with batteries)kg114
    Max. load capacitykg100
    Driving wheels (pneumatic, sound-absorbing)mm355
    Max speed on wheelskm/h7
    Max speed on trackskm/h0.8
    Max distance rangekm25
    Max stairs angledeg40
    Max step heightmm200
    Noise leveldBA≤65
    Battery capacityAh42 (Lithium)
    Motor operating voltage V24
    Charging currentA5
    Lightning optionsFront and rear lights 
    Additional safety optionsProtective covers on the track platform;

    Mechanism to prevent the tracks from slipping over the wheels;

    Reinforced chain drive;

    Sealed electronics module according to IP66 standard; 

    Ball bearings in track pulleys



    3 reviews for Stair-Climbing All-Terrain Wheelchair – Caterwil GTS 4WD Lux

    1. Robert Pace

      Will it be possible to fit fat tyres for use on the beach

      • CatAdmin

        This chair can be used only with the standard tires

    2. Iqbal Jilani

      I needsome economical wheel chair :grin: :grin: :idea:

    3. Sandip Kharade


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