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Инвалидная коляска Caterwil GTS4

Stair-Climbing Wheelchair – Caterwil GTS4

(5 customer reviews)

Price: 695,000

The GTS4 stair climbing wheelchair production is discontinued
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  • Overview

    Caterwil GTS electric wheelchairs are designed for individuals who rely on a wheelchair for mobility, presenting a new way to have an active lifestyle and move around a city without limits.

    Unique stair-climbing wheelchairs in the Caterwil GTS series are suitable for all ages. They can be used for adults and children with disabilities, including spinal cord disorders, cerebral palsy, and lower limb injuries. The stair climbing wheelchairs can also help persons in complex medical situations, such as patients who experienced a stroke, heart attack, chemotherapy, or were diagnosed with diabetes. As well, they can serve people with restricted mobility, such as the elderly.

    The Caterwil GTS wheelchairs are perfect for experiencing a variety of everyday activities, including shopping, studying, and simply moving around the city. With such devices, any type of entertainment can be easily attended. Even travelling can be improved, as the back of the Caterwil chairs can be folded to a height of only 79 cm, allowing it to be accepted as luggage at airports, and making it easy to transport in the trunk of cars. To transport even easier, the wheelchair can be easily rolled into the trunk of a car with the help of a portable ramp.

    The stair-climbing electric wheelchairs have an advanced control system. The electric drive function, with a combination of the wheel and track systems, provides both safety and independent movement in a variety of conditions. The wheel system is used to navigate level roads, while the track system can be applied to overcome obstacles up to 20 cm high – such as stairs and other obstacles on the road.

    Advantages of the Caterwil GTS4

    Every new model of the stair-climbing electric wheelchair has a more advanced configuration than former versions. The GTS4 is no different. Building on the previous models, the GTS3 and GTS3 Advanced, the GTS4 wheelchair has its own special features. For instance, each wheel has speed monitors, called encoders, that inform the computing unit of sensitive elements. The computing unit updates data up to 40 times per second, allowing the control over the movement at any moment.

    In addition, the GTS4 is enhanced with more reliability features, including:

    • A protection mechanism for the track system that prevents slipping and tipping over during extreme driving conditions
    • A reinforced chain that can work under significant pressure
    • A waterproof case that protects the electronic operating elements from moisture
    • High-performance ball-bearings in the caterpillar track that provide smooth performance, even with extended usage

    The GTS4 also comes with visual enhancements – black rubber wheels and a protective cover on the tracks – that add a nice detail to the device’s design.

    Safety systems

    The GTS4 wheelchair also has significant safety options. The engineers have dedicated their focus to making the stair-climbing feature as safe as possible. To amplify the safety, the wheelchair has built-in gyroscopes that check the position of the user when climbing stairs and helps to keep them in a horizontal position. As well, the track system is firmly gripped to the stairs to prevent any uncontrolled movement of the wheelchair.

    In addition to the safety features built into the physical design, the GTS4 has a stabilizing system on the software level. In other words, if a customer in climbing mode chooses an incorrect and potentially harmful direction, the system will block their action and automatically regulate the wheelchair direction to ensure the safety of the user.

    In the event the battery runs out of power, the electromagnetic brakes will completely lock the device. In order to proceed with movement, the user must turn the special handles to switch the wheelchair from the electronic to the manual mode, providing the user with control over the device. As well, to protect the customer while driving, the GTS4 wheelchair has 2-point and 4-point safety belts.

    Despite all the advantages of the GTS4 stair climbing wheelchair, production of this model has been discontinued. The user-friendly and safety features were inherited by the subsequent, more enhanced model, the Caterwil GTS5.



    Length (with footrests)cm102-140 (depends on the position of the footrests)
    Seat widthcm43
    Seat depthcm49
    Height of the backrestcm53
    Height of the armrestscm16-29 (adjustable)
    Length of the footrestscm40-55 (adjustable)
    Weight (with batteries)kg98
    Max. load capacitykg115
    Front wheels (pneumatic, sound-absorbing)mm200
    Rear wheels (pneumatic, sound-absorbing)mm330
    Max speed on wheelskm/h8
    Max speed on trackskm/h0.8
    Distance rangekm25
    Max stairs angledeg40
    Max step heightmm200
    Noise leveldBA≤65
    Battery capacityAh37 (Lithium)
    Motor operating voltage V24
    Charger input voltage220
    Charging currentA5
    Lightning optionsFront and rear lights 
    Additional safety optionsProtective covers on the track platform;

    Mechanism to prevent the tracks from slipping over the wheels;

    Reinforced chain drive;

    Sealed electronics module according to IP66 standard; 

    Ball bearings in track pulleys


    5 reviews for Stair-Climbing Wheelchair – Caterwil GTS4

    1. Alena Saenko

      For a long time I’ve stayed in bed, my right leg was amputated. I don’t know how I’ve survived without my parents and friends support. Recently I received this gorgeous Caterwil GTS 4, that can climb stairs. Now I can go shopping myself or just spend some time outside. Finally I can leave my own room! It has electromagnetic brakes and safety belts, even manual mode if needed. It has front and rear parking lights. In general, I can now move around the city on my own, though not with my own feet, but it’s enough to be able to participate in many events.

    2. Viktor Polyavshikov

      Well, I had mixed feelings when I had a first test-drive. The sight of the stairs terrified me at first, but after third one I was sure that I can count on this baby. You can check my early videos, where I just starting down the first stairs, I had a moment of my life and I was very eloquent about that )))
      Today is October the 3d, 6℃, it’s windy, and yet I still go for a walk! After all these years I couldn’t imagine I’d be able to go outside in such weather. THis wonder-chair really changed it for me!
      I guess I still have to send it to technical check in three days, I’m a little bit sad to be separated with her for some time, but still it’s the best thing ever happened to me! Thank Ivan and your talented team!

    3. Dmitry Lytkin

      Wow, It looks so cool!!!
      I just didn;t get, is it lux fifth version or extremely updated fourth one? Anyways, you have outdone yourself! This is exceptional!!

    4. Andrey Kanshin

      This GTS4 is lit 🔥🔥🔥 fuckin stairs, you were separating us for too long with my favourite bar !!!

    5. Feodor Konovalov

      I’m in my sixties, recently survived two heart attacks and couldn’t walk anymore. My dear kids bought me this wheelchair, Caterwil GTS 4. It has very nice seat pad and is controlled by an electric mechanism. Now I can drive myself to the shop and drugstore. Thanks to this device, I can no longer be a burden on my family. It can be navigated two ways – by wheels and by tracks. I use tracks when I need to go upstairs in the shop. It’s very confortable and can be navigated easily. It makes my life much easier.

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