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High mobility wheelchair Caterwil Ultra 5

(19 customer reviews)

Price: 490,000

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Unique feature

The Caterwil Ultra 5 comes with a remote control withLCD display


The fifth version of the Caterwil Ultra wheelchair has electric adjustment of each footrest and electric adjustment of the backrest. These functions can be accessed from the wheelchair’s remote control. It is also possible to activate the “bed” function on the remote control by pressing the buttons or the joystick, which simultaneously raises the footrests and tilts the backrest of the chair. This allows the user to assume a horizontal position with a slight movement of the hand.

In addition, the Caterwil Ultra has a number of mechanical adjustments:

  • Armrest height
  • Headrest height and reach (adjustable in three joints)
  • Footrest length
  • Remote control reach and tilt angle
  • Seat length (by moving the backrest)
  • Backrest height
  • Position of the anti-tips
  • Shock absorber stiffness


Safety Belts

As an option, the Caterwil Ultra can be equipped with a 2-point or 4-point safety belt.


To move the wheelchair using the attendant’s handles, you must put the Caterwil Ultra in neutral. This is done by pulling and turning the coupling in the middle of each of the two drive wheels.


63 сm
Length without footrests
79 сm
Length with footrests
105-130 сm
depending on the reach of the footrests
Height from floor to seat
53 сm
Total height when folded
75 сm
Seat width
45 cm (adjustable 28-43 cm with pelvic supports)
Seat depth
38, 43, 52 cm (adjustable)
Seat back height
53-63 cm (adjustable)
Armrest height
16-29 cm (adjustable)
Wheelchair weight (with batteries)
65 kg
Carrying capacity
125 kg
Drive wheels
355 mm х 2 pcs
Pneumatic, vibration damping, black
Front wheels
260 mm х 2 pcs
Pneumatic, vibration damping, black
Maximum speed
10 km/h
Motor power
450 W x 2
Range on a single charge
Operating temperature
from -15 to +40 degrees Celsius
Battery capacity
42 A*h
Lithium battery
Charging rate
8 А
Front and rear lights
Backrest tilt adjustment
Yes – electrical
Footrest tilt adjustment
Yes – electrical
Seat shock absorbers
Yes – 2 pcs
Independent suspension
On the drive wheels

19 reviews for High mobility wheelchair Caterwil Ultra 5

  1. Rifat

    Create a front pocket for a phone, keys, and a USB port for charging a phone :!:

  2. Vladislav

    I really like it, I want to buy it

  3. Aleksandr

    Make a video review, it’s an interesting wheelchair.

  4. Sergey

    The armrest mounting thumbwheel on the front rack rib is not the best solution, you can get scratched or break it off when changing seats, can you move it to the rear rib? ;-)

  5. Valery

    Hello. I’ve had my eye on this wheelchair for a long time. The only thing that stops me is the lack of a swivel control for easy access to the table. Is there a way to solve this problem? I would appreciate your response.

  6. Oleg

    Please tell me why in the photo where the wheelchair is described there is no adjustment of the seat angle with shock absorbers?

  7. Andrey

    Please tell me the width of the front and rear wheels.
    There is a ramp at the entrance of the house with not very wide skids, it may not fit.

  8. B

    How long is the warranty on this wheelchair?

  9. Artem

    In response to the last review, I need it to be parallel to the asphalt.

  10. Artem

    Can you tell me if there is a seat angle adjustment? Because I need the seat to be parallel to the ground (asphalt) and there is a backward tilt.

  11. Andrey

    Can you please tell me if the headrest can be completely removed?

  12. Anatoly

    Is it possible to remove the backrest from this wheelchair instead of folding it?
    And why is the height higher in the folded position than on the Caterwill 4*4?

  13. Evgeny

    Hi. Can you tell me if the e-certificate in Novosibirsk will refund the entire cost? Or is there a certain limit? I understand that these questions are for the Social Insurance Fund, but maybe you have encountered these matters.

  14. Tamara

    Looking for a wheelchair for my father. He is 95 years old. It is just hard for him to walk by himself, we want to buy a wheelchair for walking, can you advise something?

  15. Dmitry

    Hello there! Interesting machine, worthy of attention. With the advent of independent rear suspension, the seat’s shock absorbers are becoming less relevant. Please consider installing an actuator for electric seat tilt in addition to the electric backrest and footrest tilt. You will be able to compete in the niche of wheelchairs with three electric adjustments… you will leave all the Chinese out of the competition :cool:

  16. Natalia

    Hello. Can you please tell me what the motor power is? Another question: in the description of the features the battery capacity is 42 Ah, and in the video review of the Ultra 4 it says that the battery has increased capacity, so what capacity is it?? Thanks in advance.

  17. Roman

    Hello, I would like to buy an Ultra 5, can I see a video review? :idea:

  18. Aleksandr

    What is the maximum length of the footrests?
    I’m 193 cm tall. In most wheelchairs, my knees come up to my chin.

  19. Rifat

    Create a front pocket for a phone, keys, and a USB port for charging a phone

    • Yaroslava

      Hello! USB port for charging gadgets can be installed as an option. Instead of the front pocket we can offer a special small bag on the armrest.

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